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Pressure washing is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to increase your homes value and a good way to prevent cost, time, and trouble of future repairs.


Having your house, driveway, deck and roof cleaned increases the value of your home and helps protect your largest investment.



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At Carolina HydroClean we specialize in pressure washing and steam cleaning services. We service the entire Charleston area. All of our employees are trained experts in the pressure washing industry and have been pressure washing professionally for years. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer we strive to exceed your expectations and treat you like our own family.

We pride ourselves on quality work and affordable prices. Our trained professionals put time into all of their work and go the exta mile to exceed our customers expectations. We treat all of our customers like our own family. We keep in communication with our clients and can offer before and after pictures of all of our work if requested. This way you can see the results without leaving your desktop.

We only use today's state-of-the-art high pressure washing and steam cleaning equipment. We only use top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment and products. Carolina HydroClean is environmentally friendly and only uses bio-degradable and non-hazordous detergents and enzymes. Call for a free quote!

EPA Compliant & Eco-Friendly

US EPA Compliant & Eco-Friendly

We are an EPA compliant and environmental friendly company. We only use bio-degradable detergents and non-hazordous enzymes when cleaning.